By Christina Campbell + Soulcialista

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Brother Changa is among the most active members of Creative Nomads so it was no surprise that he raised his hand to participate in Comrades In The Community UA House Music Lab limited residency with the Ascend Through Music program to work with students interested in learning more about music and the arts.

Brother Changa engaged the students in the art of storytelling and the importance of imagination both in and out of the arts. After a short discussion about what storytelling is in a broader scope, he had the participants created a story as a group only contributing 2 words at a time. He really challenged them in opening their minds to the possibilities of the meaning of the story as it evolved.

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This activity sparked other conversation around imagination and how it is a tool for problem-solving. The take-away was instilling the mentality to set yourself apart and getting yourself in your career further than others, versus just following in someone's footsteps.

Through the simple exercise, our four participants that ranged in age, were really engaged. This theme was accessible to the younger participants but still challenging for the older students, providing the latter with higher thinking questions.

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An older participant who was struggling with making sense of the changing story, said "He's blowing my mind right now." By the end he had a new mindset on imagination, realizing it was a skill he could work on, but saw the relevance and benefits of it.

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