by Soulcialista, recap by Christina Campbell


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When Creative Nomads was born and the Comrades In Arts membership for professionals was conjured, it was imperative that community and serving was etched into the culture of our tribe. Our Comrades, upon joining the membership were and are aware that community service is inherent in the membership...the leadership of Creative Nomads just wasn't sure how that service would be manifested and we didn't to put what serving the community looked like into a box. And we are so glad the freedom of creativity left the vision of interaction up in the air to be whatever our membership and the youth, families and our partners can dream up.

One of our most highly impactful installations of Comrades In The Community (our professional membership volunteer initiative) has been with the UA House Music Lab limited edition residency with the Ascend Through Music program. Check out the recap featuring our second Comrade, AxixA, sharing her energy with the youth.




AxixA is passionate about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) and engaged our excited youth in discussion around what STEAM is, how the arts integrates into different disciplines, how  creative gifts can be used in different ways to make a living or career. She brought her electric cello, sharing her journey as a musician. She brought a traditional cello for the students to have an opportunity to play; using the cello along with a microphone, her production equipment and Logic, she had the youth engage in creating sounds and seeing the science of sound waves through their recording. She was successful in encouraging students to become engaged in the discussion, and  become interested especially in getting to play, record with the mic and see the magic happen in Logic.



THANK YOU to Axixa and to Christina for taking to the time to partner with Creative Nomads to actively engage students around the arts in a fun and approachable way!