::COMRADES IN THE COMMUNITY:: Brandon Carlyle + Carolyn Malachi

::COMRADES IN THE COMMUNITY:: Brandon Carlyle + Carolyn Malachi

by Soulcialista

Photos by Soulcialista + Shipley

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Creative Nomads kicked off our Comrades In The Community - UA HOUSE MUSIC LAB limited residency with our Comrade Brandon Carlyle, his partner Shipley, and secret special guest GRAMMY Nominee Carolyn Malachi.

This workshop was a hands on class with six students delved into vocals + production with these extremely enthusiastic music makers.



After intros, the session started with vocal exercises and breathing techniques with Carolyn. Silly sounds and goofy gestures were the best part of these new methods the students learned.  Next, the students were broken up into groups of two for a brief assignment of conjuring  1. what they wanted to accomplish in this session 2. what they wanted to accomplish in life and 3. potential song topic to create during the session. Some accomplishments including gaining more vocal range, being able to enunciate well, and sing in front of an audience ... From the mouth of babes :-)


Brandon and Carolyn both broke down the purpose of hooks and verses and split the students into another group of twos to create a hook and a verse for a new song. Carolyn gave some great advice to the students to consider using literary devises like rhyme to develop their songs and to record their idea so that they can have a point of reference.

Each group had about 15 minutes to develop an idea with the intent to perform the finished product for each other.  All three of our guest music makers rotated to each group to listen, give feedback, provide encouragement and push them to the finish line.


The session concluded with each group performing. Each had confidence, and exhibited pride when sharing their projects. At the last round table final advice was provided and we ended with the students empowered with more songwriting and vocal tools than they walked in with.

A special thanks to our Comrades Brandon, Carolyn, and Shipley and to Christina for giving Creative Nomads the space to place our Comrades In The Community connecting with the youth.

Stay tuned for our next special feature!